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“The use of Prefer pillowcases has given us a leap towards providing high hygiene standards in our hospitals and to our patients”

“With the rising cost of medical care, this is indeed a positive step towards reducing cost”

… Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

“Being the leading and largest women’s and children’s hospital in Singapore, the well beings of our patients are our top priority. Prefer hygienic pillowcase has proved to be a safe and comfortable product to use. Both the hospital and our patients are benefiting from the use of this product and we are very glad to have started using them”

… KK Women & Children’s Hospital, Singapore

“Using Prefer disposable pillowcase has saved the hospital S$131,000”

“Beside cost savings, patients welcome the change to Prefer pillowcase. Prefer pillowcase is cleaner than cotton pillowcase, and is comfortable”

… The Straits Times, Singapore’s National Newspaper


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