Kimui’s Strength

  • We Are The Only Singapore Based Manufacturing Plant Producing Hygienic Patented Product
  • 100% Of Singapore Government Hospitals Are Using Our PreferTM Hygienic Pillowcase
  • We Deliver Within 24 Hours In The Event Of Surge Of Demand During Emergency
  • We Support Many Government Institutions With Our Hygienic Products During COVID-19 Period
  • Our Manufacturing Process Uses Six Sigma Methodology For Excellent Product Quality Control
  • We Are A Reputable Company With More Than 40 Years In Business (Since 1981)

Prefer Hygienic Patented  Pillowcase (Disposable)

Proudly Made In Singapore is one of our key product – the Patented Hygienic Pillowcase (Disposable) under the brand Prefer™

Kimui Manufacturing is the only Hygienic Pillowcase (Disposable) manufacturer in Singapore. We manufacture and provide the highest quality hygienic products for our users, where we placed our customers’ health as our first priority

Our customers include:

Healthcare sectors – Hospital, Clinics, Nursing Homes

Hospitality sectors – Hotels, Cruises, Resorts, Spas

Other sectors – Military Camps, Training Academy, Rehabilitation Centres

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Why choose Prefer™ Hygienic Disposable Products ?



NEW NOT WASHED – Brand new surface each time you use


BIO ORGANISM – Protect the users from contamination from bio-organisms


SLEEP BETTER – Comfort is a priority for all users

How We Do It?

Better sleep quality with our product

Prefer™ Hygienic Disposable Pillowcase is the best choice to prevent any cross contamination of harmful bio-organisms between users of shared pillow.


Our Hygienic Product Patent Certficate










Our Customers

Organisations who have benefited from the use of our range of Prefer™ Hygienic Products

Photo & Video Gallery

Participated in exhibitions to introduce Prefer™ Hygienic Products to Singapore and overseas customers.